Starting week 4 and 5, now they are awake and working hard on everything.
Missy about had it, they all have teeth and are starting to use the boxes in the proper order. One for playing, sleeping and eating and the other one as bathroom.

Orange found the cat tree but does not approve of the view from the upstairs hole. He is out of there fast.

Blue discovered the perfect spot for an uninterupted nap. Luckily he didn't get eaten by mistake.

Girls are wearing pink, hot pink and raspberry collars, everything else is boys.
Who let the dogs out?
Bullet is hiding on the couch, Missy could use some help and Dot takes a fast run to somewhere.

Now they are outside in the snow. The first day everybody stays close and it's cold. Monday it's different, the sun is out and little pink girl even ended up on the front porch.

Dot don't want to play with puppies and finally everybody is tired and snuggled up in a warm bed under the heat lamp again.

We still have some boys available, for more information
email or call 928/775-0487.
Almost seven weeks old, micro chipped, first shots, dewormed and the vet gave them all a clean bill of health.

Everybody loves to go outside and just run and run. Green enjoys a carrot and the pink girl is relaxing under a chair.

They want out of their pen in the worst way.

Their main hobby is still trying to nurse on Missy and they are persistant and chase her all over the five acres.